A Little About My Life...


I was born in Shewsbury Royal Hospital on September 21st 1998 at 10pm, I spent the first few years of my life living in Telford a short drive away from Shewbury, Telford is where I spent my years before preschool - however at the age of four my parents made the move down the coast to Boston a place in Lincolnshire not too far away from Skegness a popular seaside resort in the United Kingdom. We spent a few years living in a village called Tatershall, this is where I lived when I went to preschool/nursery at Stickney, this is where I met some friends that I still know fifteen years later. At the age of seven I moved to a smaller village on the outskirts of Boston called Butterwick, this is where I still live and where I went to primary school since it was only a short walk down the road, this is where I made more life long friends here that I grew up with and made the scary transition to secondary school with. I spent my childhood living with my Mum, Dad, brothers and my sister, which as you can imagine caused alot of arguments and non of us really got along, untill my eldest brother moved away to university.


Nursery: Stickney Church of England Preschool
Primary School: Butterwick Church of England Primary School
Secondary School: Giles Academy
Sixth Form/College: Giles Academy Sixth Form Centre


GCSe's at Giles Academy:

A-Levels at Giles Academy:

Hobbies & Interests:

Throughout growing up my hobbies have changes considerably depending on where I was living and my age, I feel asif your friendship group has a huge impact and influence on the activities you take part in and your interests. During secondary school my interests where mainly based around sports and fashion. I spent alot of my time playing basketball with friends at school and out of school I spent a huge majority of my time researching fashion trends and the fashion industry as a whole, this is what sparked my passion for Fashion Journalism. Moving on into my college life I lost interest for basketball and I stopped playing basketball all together, this was mainly due to not having the facilities to cater for a basketball team in my college. This is where my interest in fashion doubled and I started posting about my fashion interests online and researching other blogs to see where the future of fashion was heading moving on into SS17.